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21 Must-Have Apps Before Visiting Egypt

You probably have at least 20 apps on your phone. There are the apps that you use on a daily basis such as maps, news and weather forecasts. You got your apps for entertainment, sports and games. I am guessing you also use a lot of travel apps to plan and prepare for your family holidays such as flights, accommodation and reviews. Not to mention those apps you download before visiting attractions such as theme parks or museums. Make sure you download these must-have apps before visiting Egypt:

Food and Drink


Previously known as Otlob, this is a food delivery service that operates in 25 cities in Egypt. Talabat is also available in other countries in the Middle East such as Jordan and the UAE. You can search for a restaurant or filter by cuisine or area.

TIP: Sometimes, foreign credit cards don’t work though so it might be better to choose the cash on delivery option and pay for your order in Egyptian pounds.


As the name suggests, El Menus app prides itself on providing the most up-to-date menus of more than 6,000 restaurants in Egypt. You can check which restaurants offer delivery and place your order. Or you can browse the menus before dining out – a very handy tip if you have specific dietary requirements or a picky eater in your family.

TIP: You can look up a specific dish based on reviews from their foodie community, for example, who serves the best steak in Cairo or who has the best pizza in Alexandria!


With Egypt being a conservative country, alcohol is not readily available in supermarkets and petrol stations. It is served in most hotels and some restaurants though. There are also some shops that are licensed to sell local alcohol. Since you are in Egypt why not give Egyptian beer, wine or spirits a try? In addition to a chain of shops, Drinkies has a short number, website and app for deliveries.

TIP: you can book a tour of the Gianaclis vineyards and experience 135 years of winemaking in Egypt.

Wine bottles stacked above one another
It is believed that ancient Egyptians invented beer and documented the brewery process on papyrus more than 5,000 years ago



This is actually my favourite out of this list of must-have apps before visiting Egypt! What started as an app for ordering freshly baked bread and pastries soon expanded to be a thriving online supermarket where you can find groceries, fruits, vegetables and even stationary. You can pay via card or cash for your order or top up your account. Breadfast has the option of next day delivery or getting your delivery within one hour!

TIP: they offer readymade lunchboxes with cheese, tuna or chicken sandwiches, orange juice, cucumbers and bananas which are perfect for those road trips with the kids!


This posh food store has 12 branches in Cairo and Alexandria as well as seasonal pop-ups on the North Coast during the summer season. Gourmet carries selected brands and has its own range of handcrafted products. My favourite ones are the ready to eat, ready to heat and ready to cook options which are so convenient if you are not staying in a hotel.

TIP: if you are looking for vegan, gluten free or dairy free products in Egypt, this is your go-to place.


Another app for grocery shopping where you can get anything you need from surrounding supermarkets and pharmacies. The great thing about Instashop is that they deliver within one hour. Even if you are not cooking, this is a chance to try some popular Egyptian snacks! It is available in Egypt, Greece, Lebanon and UAE to name a few countries.

TIP: you can also order a cleaning service on the app.

Restaurants in Cairo
As an Egyptian, I would wholeheartedly recommend you give Egyptian cuisine a try, and especially Egyptian desserts!



This app is available in Egypt and UAE and is a car marketplace where you can borrow a car from vetted owners. Friendycar is quicker and cheaper compared to traditional car rental companies. And there is a wide range of car models and prices.

TIP: although it is recommended that you book at least one week in advance there is a feature called “instant booking” where you can book on the same day or next day if you need to.


A ride-sharing app that is quite popular in Egypt and the Middle East that it has in fact been acquired by Uber! With Careem, you can choose cars, taxis or even motorbikes! They have other cool features like grocery shopping and food delivery.

TIP: if you don’t have time to redeem your Careem Rewards by the end of your visit to Egypt, you can choose to donate them to charity.


Another ride-sharing app but this one uses 22-seater buses rather than cars or motorbikes. You can use Swvl to commute to your next destination or to book a ride from one city to another. That way you get a chance to mingle a little with the locals!

TIP: you can even book a private bus to take you and your family anywhere you like!

Cars and buses on a busy street in Cairo
Public transportation in Egypt is not very family-friendly but you can still hail a taxi if you are left with no other choice



This is an e-commerce website and app that operates in Egypt and some other countries in Africa and the Middle East. Jumia has a great collection of local and international fashion brands which is handy if you are travelling with children and realized you need more clothes for them!

TIP: if you are planning to stay in Egypt long-term you can use Jumia Pay to settle your utility bills.


Because packing for a family holiday can be overwhelming, you are bound to forget an item or two. Or maybe you ran out of baby formula or sunscreen? Noon calls itself the Middle East’s homegrown marketplace and it is available in Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

TIP: they are introducing a new service for food delivery from restaurants.


This is literally the Amazon of Egypt where you can find anything you need. Souq is well-known for its great deals on electronics and appliances although I doubt you will need to make those purchases during a family holiday!

TIP: there is no need to create a new account with Souq – you can actually log in with your Amazon account!

Spices shop in a local market in Dahab
If you visit a traditional Egyptian market you will come across shops that sell spices and herbs that help with all sorts of ailments from headaches and IBS to coughs and seasickness



I hope you never have to step foot in a hospital or clinic during your family vacation in Egypt. But just in case you or anyone in your family need to see a doctor or have a medical emergency, you can use this app called Vezeeta to research doctors and book appointments.

TIP: you can also book a teleconsultation or a virtual call with a doctor or if needed have a doctor pay you a home visit.


You don’t have to worry anymore about going to a pharmacy and not being able to communicate with the staff there. If you need any health and wellness products, you can simply order them on this e-pharmacy app called Yodawy.

TIP: they have a short number that you can call 24/7 if you need to speak to a pharmacist.


Chefaa, which is Arabic for healing, is another one of those must-have apps before visiting Egypt. You can order any over-the-counter medications as well as personal care products and medical supplies.

TIP: you can upload a prescription and they can deliver the medications to your address.

Inside the Egyptian Museum in downtown Cairo
You absolutely need a tour guide when visiting attractions such as the Egyptian Museum or the Giza Pyramids to give you the back story



This is a platform that connects travellers to local tour guides in Egypt and 12 other countries in Asia and the Middle East. You can browse the different tours and book directly on the Tobadaa app.

TIP: prices vary depending on nationality so make sure you create an account so you don’t get overcharged.


This app allows you to make instant reservations at Cairo’s exclusive restaurants and bars. You can also book tickets at cinemas and events via Qube.

TIP: there is a loyalty program where you collect points on any reservations you make and get rewards such as a free yoga class or a discount on a kitesurfing course.


This app lists kid-friendly activities and experiences in Greater Cairo, Alexandria, North Coast, Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. You can search by age, distance and category. Kidzapp also has an UAE version.

TIP: the app lists activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family and also drop-off activities so parents can get some much-needed free time!

The park and playground at the Children's museum in Heliopolis
Most activities are available in English and not only Arabic so don’t worry about your children not joining in



Derived from the Arabic name for “messenger” this app is a courier service in your pocket. They can get you the spare keys to your car rental if you lock yourself out. They can buy tickets to a museum or an event and deliver them to your hotel room. Mrsool is available in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

TIP: the cost is determined through a bidding system so you can choose from several messengers.


This company called Jinni, which is genie in Arabic, offers cleaning and disinfection services on demand. You can book through their website or app. They currently cover Cairo only though.

TIP: you can also request a deep cleaning or seasonal cleaning if a regular cleaning is not enough.

Nile FM

Launched in 2003 and still going strong, Nile FM is Egypt’s 24/7 radio channel for international hits. So, if you want to listen to your favourite jams tune in!

TIP: like any radio station, you can stay updated with the local news and find out about events happening around you.

I really hope you find this list of must-have apps before visiting Egypt useful. I also hope you decide not to delete them in the hopes of visiting Egypt again very soon!

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    1. Yes most malls and shops accept foreign credit and debit cards but it is better to have some local currency on you just in case you visit smaller shops.

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