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5 Dog-Friendly Places in Cairo

Although dog ownership in Egypt has been rising in the last 15 years, taking your dog out and about in Cairo can be a real challenge. There are many stray dogs in Cairo’s streets, unfortunately, and they can get very territorial. So, unless you live in a gated community, even walking your dog is not an easy feat. Dogs are not allowed in public spaces, whether in transportation, markets, or even parks. So, whenever we come across dog-friendly places in Cairo, we get really excited about it. Here are some of our favorite dog-friendly places in Cairo.

Bun n’ Glaze

Dog standing at table with breakfast
“Are you going to eat that?”

This is a bistro and sourdough bakery located in the charming neighborhood of Heliopolis. The décor is simple and cozy. Dogs are allowed on the outdoor patio, shaded using colorful umbrellas. I had a classic Eggs Benedict with hot chocolate since it was freezing the day we visited. My husband had an omelet stuffed with cheddar cheese and cherry tomatoes and then ordered an espresso. My daughter had a creamy Pasta Alfredo because it was noon which meant lunchtime for her! Our doggo had a tummy ache, so we didn’t order anything for him at that time. We took home some bakery items to try, like their chocolate brownie, Nutella stuffed doughnut, and sourdough bagel, and they did not disappoint.

Il Mulino

Eggs Benedict served with salad and potatoes
I was busy photographing the delicious food so no dog photos here!

Here is an artisan bakery, restaurant, and pizzeria in Heliopolis with lots of options on their menu for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We usually go there for a lazy brunch on a Saturday morning. I love their shabby chic furniture and quirky signs about coffee and cake. I had the almond croissant with a cafe mocha the last time we went. My daughter has the pain au chocolat with a hot chocolate, and my husband had an Il Mulino breakfast with a cappuccino. Dogs are allowed in the outdoor area, and my only advice to the management would be to get a couple of outdoor fans so that their customers can enjoy this space during the hot summer months.

Ampersand Eatery and City Garden

Dog sitting on the floor with a water bowl in front of him
We had our water bowl with us but the cafe also offered us one of their own

This is an absolute God-send in the heart of New Cairo. Ampersand’s menu is influenced by Italian and American cuisines, so expect lots of red meat, seafood, and cheese served in sizzling frying pans. The restaurant is quite casual with comfortable seating, and lots of customers go there to study with friends or work remotely. Dogs can join in the outdoor space that is actually covered and even air-conditioned in the summer. The only thing I don’t like about this otherwise great place is that they allow smoking indoors, which is tricky when we have kids with us.

The Drive by the Waterway

Drive through cafes and restaurants in New Cairo
Fingers crossed that this part of Waterway remains dog-friendly!

With tens of cafés, bakeries, and fast-food restaurants like Starbucks, BRGR, Butler’s, Seven Roasters, Cinnabon, Maine, Dolato, Takosan, and ItsEasys, the Drive by the Waterway is one of my favorite dog-friendly places in Cairo. You can imagine how popular this destination is for young families and college students, given the variety of options in this hub. All of them have outdoor seating and drive-through facilities. I really dig the quirky architecture using refitted ship containers which reminds me of Boxpark, a food and retail park in the UK. On our last visit, we had coffees and pastries at Espresso Lab and mingled with other dogs and their humans.

El Golf Park

Man, girl and dog walking through a dog park in Cairo
In the summer, most people prefer to go in the evenings and the park is well lit

Although this is not a café or restaurant, I felt that it should be included since this is the only dog park we know of in this part of Cairo. We love going there when the weather is not too hot and stuffy. Just bring your coffee or snacks with you, and don’t forget water for you and your dog. The park is divided into two areas, and only one of them allows dogs to be off-leash. Our doggo loves playing with other dogs, eating the grass, and sniffing everything!

The garden is beautiful with trees, bushes, and flower beds. There are tiled pathways for bikes and scooters and seating areas with stone and wooden benches, although they need some maintenance. It is open every day from 12 to 10 pm except Friday when it opens at 1 pm. Tickets are EGP 10 per person / dog. It is a shame that most dog owners don’t pick up after their dogs even though there are rules in Arabic and English and several bins available. Perhaps a fine should be introduced like in other countries!

  • Address: Nabil El Wakkad Street, Ard El Golf, Heliopolis

More Dog-Friendly Places in Egypt

Labrador dog sitting on a sandy beach under a canopy
Our dog living it up on the beach in Nuweiba

If you want your dog to join your family on holiday, then maybe rent a beach house in Ain El Sokhna. You can go glamping in Fayoum, or even better, plan a trip to the most dog-friendly city in Egypt – Dahab!

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