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11 Summer Camps in Cairo

School is out in Cairo, Egypt. Many parents like me struggle to keep their kids entertained during the summer holidays. So, I put together some recommendations for summer camps in Cairo based on my experience with my teenage daughter. Moreover, I used feedback from other parents and reviews on social media.

Summer Camps in Cairo for Young Kids

Most nurseries run camps during the summer holidays. This makes sense because they already have the staff, facilities, and experience to accommodate children aged 4-12. In addition, some organizations arrange summer camps in schools and universities. That way, they get to make use of these empty premises, whether classrooms, assembly halls, swimming pools, playgrounds, or sports fields.


My daughter has been going to this summer camp since the age of 4 and she absolutely loved it. She used to go to a nursery called Baby Academy, owned by the same mother company. So, it was an easy decision for us to make since it felt familiar and safe. The camp is packed with activities such as arts and crafts, swimming, football, basketball, and gymnastics. You can sign your child up for the healthy and kid-friendly meals they offer. They also run winter camps during the Christmas school holiday.


Makan’s summer camp focuses on teaching life skills and general knowledge to children. It does so through games, arts, cooking, and field trips. An interesting fact about it is that it offers an installment plan to parents.

Beyond Egypt

This organization offers experiential learning and life coaching services for individuals and organizations. Its summer camp helps build children’s emotional resilience, self-esteem, and confidence. Professional life coaches touch on essential topics such as bullying, resilience, digital addiction, mental health, and identity issues.

Swimming pool in a hotel in the New Administrative Capital in Cairo
At midday when the sun gets very hot, an hour or two in the pool seems like a great idea!

Summer Camps in Cairo for Older Kids

These are usually harder to find compared to summer camps for younger kids. It could be because the older kids are less likely to be interested in a summer camp setting. Another reason is they are considered mature enough to stay home alone. Nevertheless, I think having summer camps for teenagers is a good idea to keep them away from their electronic devices as much as possible.


The American University in Cairo has a Summer@AUC program for children and teenagers. There are boot camps for ambitious students that are one or two weeks long. These aim to equip them with academic and social skills that are relevant to their future careers, goals, and interests. The topics vary from creative writing, calligraphy, interior design, art, design thinking, and nutrition. Some boot camps can accommodate younger kids aged 8-12.

On the other hand, the College Bound program simulates an actual college experience. This is for high-school students interested in discovering college life and exploring their passions. The academic subjects on offer this summer are psychology, architecture, entrepreneurship, graphic design, accounting, journalism, and Arabic.

Accommodation on campus and bus services are available for additional fees. There is also a Winter@AUC program during the Christmas break.


My daughter is almost 15 and outgrew the summer camp she used to go to. So, I was excited to find that WellSpring caters to this age group. Their leadership youth programs teach teenagers to understand themselves better, their values, talents, and strengths. Their youth development programs teach them the skills they need to become the entrepreneurs of the future. WellSpring also offers day camps for children aged 4-12 years, overnight camps for ages 8-13, and even camps abroad for ages 10-18.

Colorful creations made of clay and beads
If like me, you dread messy play at home, then giving them the option of doing arts and crafts in a summer camp is a win-win!

Themed Summer Camps in Cairo

What if children do not want to play most of the time outdoors? What about the kids who are into the arts? Or have a healthy obsession with science and technology? These summer camps are based on specific themes. They can be an enriching experience for your child or teen.

Rizkallah Art Foundation

As the name implies, this foundation specializes in teaching the arts to children and adults. Its summer camp has activities that include arts, football, tennis, swimming, dancing, and character-building games. The camp even runs during the weekend on Fridays (reduced hours) and Saturdays. The foundation offers art classes in various locations such as Heliopolis, New Cairo, Dokki, Maadi, and Sheikh Zayed during the year.


KidZania Cairo is part of a global educational and entertainment brand with 28 locations worldwide. It is one of the first theme parks in Egypt to offer an immersive experience and teach children about different careers. The campers join workshops based on their ages and interests. This summer they are offering fashion design, robotics, entrepreneurship, arts, sports, and interior design. They have themed camps during the spring and winter breaks too.

The Fashion Atelier

This summer camp is mainly for budding fashion designers. They get to learn about sketching, sewing, pattern making, styling, painting on fabric, and embroidery. The atelier also offers fashion courses and workshops.

Girl at a zoo in Family Park in Cairo looking at the deer
A lot of summer camps take the kids on trips to local zoos, museums, theme parks, and cinemas

Summer Camps for Kids with Special Educational Needs

Parents of children and teens with special educational needs have a hard time finding schools and services for them. And summer camps are no exception. These organizations are doing a great job offering inclusive summer programs regardless of disability.

Hope Academy

This is an academy in Cairo for children and young adults with special educational needs. Its summer camp provides a range of activities adapted to the participant’s individual needs, including arts and crafts, music therapy, swimming, computer, games, and field trips. It has qualified staff with experience looking after people with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities.

Launch Egypt

This is a center for children with behavioral, learning, or developmental needs. Its camp has lots of summer fun like sports, music, art, dance, cooking, and water activities. The staff supports the kids with building their social and self-help skills. The kids enjoy pajama parties, color festivals, puppet shows, and cool science experiments! Siblings and neurotypical children are also welcome to join.

Bridges Academy

This is another center for children with additional needs that offers speech therapy and occupational therapy services. Its summer camp is focused on building vocational skills such as cooking, carpentry, sewing, planting, and craft-making.

Vanilla cupcakes using Frozen theme
Summer camps can teach kids important life skills such as baking these yummy cupcakes

Summer camps are an excellent way for children and teenagers to stay active during their summer holidays. They can explore their interests, learn unfamiliar skills, and make new friends. Just make sure you do your research and check if the camp is compatible with your child. Ask other parents for advice, check online reviews, and if possible visit the camp to see it in action. You can also check these family-friendly indoor activities in Cairo to explore during weekends.

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