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If you are looking for family holidays in Egypt, you have come to the right place! This travel blog is mainly for parents of young children and teenagers looking for family holiday destinations. Going on holiday on your own or with your partner or friends is one thing. Going with your family is a different game altogether, especially with young kids. Before going on holiday, I would search online for practical advice as well as inspirational ideas in order to plan the perfect trip. I thought I would share some of my own experiences here in the hopes that you would find them interesting.

Your Ultimate Guide To A Family Holiday In Egypt

Downtown Cairo Egypt

We have an Egyptian saying that goes “once you drink from the Nile River, you must return again”.

Thank goodness Egypt has lots of amazing destinations for family holidays so you can keep coming back to experience Egypt. Whatever holiday you plan, here is everything you need to know before your holiday in Egypt. Read more

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These are my posts about family holidays in Egypt, my home country. Whether you are a fan of history or an adventure junkie, you will have the experience of your life!

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These are my posts about our family holidays in the United Kingdom. Since we called it home for five years, we were able to explore different parts of England and Wales.

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